Layered Programming

Introduction to layered development techniques with o:XML.

Development Tool Chain

Overview of how o:XML integrates with the software development process.

Using Unit Tests

Guide to writing and using unit tests with o:XML.

o:XML Overview

Overview of some of the key features of o:XML and why they matter.


Database Extensions

How to use the ObjectBox database language extensions.


Information about ObjectBox, the o:XML compiler and runtime environment.

Java Extensions

Information about the ObjectBox Java extensions.


Step by step instuctions how to quickly start using the o:XML compiler and interpreter.

Reflection Extensions

Informal overview of the reflection extensions and their use.

Servlet Integration

Details on how the o:XML ObjectBox compiler and interpreter integrates in J2EE Servlet environments.

Spring 2.0 Integration

Instructions on how to run o:XML programs in a Spring 2.0 environment.

Usage Instructions

Instructions on how to use the ObjectBox as a command-line utility, Java Servlet, Ant target or BSF engine.


YAPP - Yet Another Parser Parser

Information about YAPP XSLT, the parser and scanner generator written in XSLT.