document is a source code documentation format suitable for integration with o:XML.


hatatap is a feature-rich script-based HTTP testing tool. It allows the user to write scripts in XML to navigate web sites, verify content and record results. hatatap test scripts are transformed into o:XML programs that can run standalone or within a web application.


The Meta Language Markup Language is an abstract source code representation in XML. It forms the basis of the next generation o:XML compilers and interpreters.


o:Lib is the o:XML standard library.


ObjectBox is the o:XML compiler and interpreter. It is implemented in Java and allows programs to be precompiled and executed in single or multithreaded environments. It runs from the command line, Ant build scripts, Servlet web applications or within a BSF engine. The ObjectBox also comes with several language extensions for integration with Java and relational databases, runtime reflection and more.

short markup language

sml is an alternative XML notation that is character-by-character equivalent with XML. The purpose is to provide a shorter, more convenient format for authoring and editing XML documents.


vendue is an open-source online auction platform written in o:XML. The implementation uses the database and Java Servlets extensions to provide a configurable and extensible web application.


YAPP XSLT is a parser and scanner generator written in XSLT.