o:XML Downloads

Here you can download the o:XML language specification and the Objectbox compiler/interpreter, along with supporting documentation and resources. To download a file you might have to right click or hold down the shift key.

ObjectBox 1.1.7 binaryCompiler/interpreter binary and executable jar-file835.4Kb
ObjectBox 1.1.7 srcsource code distribution10Mb
o:Lib 1.1.7o:Lib code distribution50.8Kb
YAPP XSLTA recursive descent parser generator in XSLT16.8Kb
Lang Spec PDFo:XML Language Specification as PDF62.2Kb
Tutorial PDFThe o:XML Programming Guide as PDF82.2Kb
Tutorial ExamplesExamples from The o:XML Programming Guide6.9Kb

Please remember to report bugs with Bugzilla or to the mailing list.

All software available for download on this site, including the ObjectBox and YAPP XSLT, is published under the GNU General Public Licence unless otherwise stated.