ObjectBox v1.1.0

12 December 2004

This release represents an important milestone in the o:XML project, as the first production version after a considerable refactoring of the compiler and interpreter. The restructured codebase constitutes a big first step towards a full MLML platform.

It's also a big step forward in ease of use, with several new features:

  • Single executable jar with Database and Java extensions, o:Lib 1.1.0, Ant tasks and Servlets. Contains all classes necessary for running o:XML programs on Java 1.4 - for older versions of Java simply add an XML parser and XSLT engine.
  • Default extensions loaded on startup, making it easier to run programs from the command line.
  • Contextual errors with function stack traces and file locations (no line numbers yet!).

Furthermore the db extensions have been greatly improved, producing a more powerful but still as straightforward RDBMS to XML mapping.

The release includes o:Lib 1.1.0 (many new types and updates), which can also be downloaded separately - see the download page for details.