Website Redesign

21 July 2004

The o:XML web site has recently undergone serious reconstruction work. The new design and structure should be easier to navigate and more pleasant to look at. It will also provide more room for growth, as more and more activities are taking place within the various o:XML projects.

The new site is principally structured into a news section, an article repository for documentation, and a projects section. The HTML is automatically generated from DocBook sources. Much of the content, such as indexes, type documentation, RSS etc, is generated using o:XML. To see how the site is built, have a look at the source in CVS.

In the initial period of restructuring and moving content around there are likely to be some glitches. Please bear with us as we sort these problems out!

We hope you will find the new look and feel an improvement. Many thanks to Andy Joslin for the time, hard work and care put into getting the new site together!