Happy Birthday to o:XML!

1 May 2006

This year, in keeping with our tradition, we're celebrating Workers Day and the fourth anniversary of o:XML with a brand new release.

ObjectBox 1.1.5 integrates several fresh o:XML projects with your favourite o:XML compiler/interpreter:

  • Inline unit-test tests can be executed directly from the command line.
  • HTML and DocBook documentation can be generated from o:XML sources using document XSL's.
  • Programs written in Short Markup Language can be parsed and processed using an integrated SML SAX parser.

The full list of changes follows:

  • added -sml command line option
  • added -compile command line option
  • added -xmldocs and -htmldocs command line options
  • fixed a bug to prevent whitespace suppression in o:text evaluation
  • added concat(Nodeset) : String
  • fixed db:quote() escaped characters (bug #44)
  • added Stack type
  • added List.add(pos, obj)
  • added function narrow(Node typename, Node object)
  • added function Node.super(Name typename)
  • added o:constructor mapping as synonym for o:function constructor
  • added db:function mapping for definition of database functions
  • added -test command line option for integrated unit testing
  • updated o:for-each to fix problem with iteration over single nodes (bug #43)
  • added Servlet URL parameters, and configurable parameter settings
  • changed Servlet parameter names: upload-directory, loglevel
  • updated namespace declaration output handling (bug #42)
  • added function unique(Nodeset) : Nodeset

The release also includes a new version of o:Lib - you can download both here. Full documentation of the new features will follow shortly!