ObjectBox v1.1.7: Spring Integration

25 March 2007

The new release v1.1.7 builds on previous improvements to provide full Spring 2.0 Framework integration capabilities.

Spring 2.0, a popular light-weight IOC (Inversion of Control) framework, already provides support for Groovy, Beanshell and JRuby scripts. To add o:XML support, all you have to do is drop the new ObjectBox release in your classpath.

This new functionality makes o:XML as easy to use as POJO's (Plain Old Java Objects) in Java-oriented applications. Delegating XML processing to a language designed for the purpose was never more compelling.

A new article explains exactly how to create and use o:XML Spring beans.

The downloads are available here as well as from the download page.

This release includes version 1.1.7 of o:Lib.