o:XML support from Rebel IT

1 October 2007

The UK based company Rebel IT now offers expert support and commercial services, including licences, for the full range of o:XML projects.

o:XML 5th Anniversary

1 May 2007

May 1 marked the 5th anniversary of the o:XML project. We can look back on five years of intense and exciting developments, and forwards to even greater achievements.

ObjectBox v1.1.7: Spring Integration

25 March 2007

There's a great new feature in the new ObjectBox v1.1.7. You can now use o:XML beans within the Spring 2.0 framework. The integration makes it easy to use o:XML types and programs from Java, and you can even mix JRuby, Groovy, Beanshell, Java and o:XML beans in the same application.

ObjectBox v1.1.6

23 February 2007

The latest release of the o:XML compiler/interpreter comes with new features in the database extensions and SML functionality, as well as performance and useability improvements.

Happy Birthday to o:XML!

1 May 2006

On our 4th birthday we have a new release of ObjectBox integrating new, exciting o:XML technology including: SML, document and unit-test.

ObjectBox v1.1.4

2 February 2006

The latest release of the o:XML compiler/interpreter covers bugfixes, a couple of new type functions and other improvements.

o:Lib v1.1.4

2 February 2006

The latest release of the o:Lib library types includes bugfixes and new features.

New Project: Short Markup Language

11 November 2005

SML provides a convenient shorthand for authoring and editing XML documents.

Layered Programming

25 October 2005

Layered Programming proposes clean separation of information layers as a solution to the growing complexities of documentation, testing, configuration and deployment of software projects.

ObjectBox v1.1.3

6 September 2005

The latest release of the o:XML compiler/interpreter fixes a memory leak and performance problem.

Happy Birthday to o:XML!

1 May 2005

Celebrating 3 years on the web, o:XML continues to challenge preconceived notions of what a programming language should look like!

As a birthday present from ourselves there are two new project releases: ObjectBox 1.1.2 (including a new o:Lib) and vendue 0.4.

o:Lib v1.1.0

12 December 2004

The new o:Lib release includes new and updated library types, covering XML and HTML parsing, XSLT processing, networking, HTTP and Mail messages, io streams, filesystem and time/date functionality.

ObjectBox v1.1.0

12 December 2004

The new release of the o:XML compiler/interpreter includes contextual errors and stack-traces, rewritten database extensions and a refactored codebase.

Unit Tests

13 November 2004

The o:XML Unit Test vocabulary enables test-driven development, but works equally well for writing stand-alone test suites.

UML Roundtripping

20 October 2004

XSLT transformations that allow you to generate o:XML code from UML models, or models from o:XML code.

Quickstart Instructions

5 August 2004

The fastest way to start programming in o:XML!

Project Announcement: MLML

29 July 2004

A new project has been created that sets the charter for the next phase of o:XML development work: the Meta Language Markup Language.

o:XML article on

22 July 2004

'Introducing o:XML' is a new article on, written by Martin Klang.

Website Redesign

21 July 2004

The new design offers both better looks and improved navigation.

o:Lib Release 1.0.0

21 July 2004

First public release of the o:XML standard libraries.

ObjectBox Release 1.0.2

21 July 2004

The new version 1.0.2 of ObjectBox, the o:XML compiler/interpreter, is now available.

This version includes several XPath bug fixes, together with attribute value substitution, new o:document and o:sort mappings and more.

ObjectBox Production Release

1 May 2004

Coinciding with the second anniversary of o:XML, we're immensely proud to announce version 1.0.0 of ObjectBox, the o:XML compiler/interpreter.

ObjectBox v1.0.0rc2 Available Now

22 April 2004

Help with testing wanted! Release Candidate 2 is expected to be the last release before v1.0.

New ObjectBox Release

2 November 2003

This release of the ObjectBox includes Program declarations, explicit program parameters, simplified code import, and more.

Extreme Markup 2003

24 July 2003

o:XML will be presenting at the Extreme Markup 2003 conference in Montreal, Canada.

New ObjectBox Release

16 July 2003

The new release of ObjectBox, the o:XML compiler/interpreter, includes support for Regular Expressions, Exception Handling and BSF (Bean Scripting Framework).

Regular Expressions

10 July 2003

The o:XML core language now integrates regular expressions.

o:XML finds new hosting

10 June 2003

A new hosting partner will allow the o:XML project to improve availablity and performance of services.

Exception Handling

12 May 2003

Exception handling is integrated in the o:XML core language.

ObjectBox goes OpenSource

1 May 2003

The first full OpenSource release of ObjectBox, the o:XML compiler/interpreter, is published under the Gnu General Public License.

o:XML Article on ZDNet

25 April 2003

Jeff Davies has written a good article about o:XML, available on ZDNet.

ObjectBox going Open Source

21 March 2003

It's official: The next version of ObjectBox will be Open Source!

Two new chapters in the Programming Guide

21 March 2003

Basic Types and Node Manipulations are now covered in the o:XML Programming Guide.

o:XML Web Application in the open

21 March 2003

vendue is an open-source auctioning web application, written in o:XML.

ObjectBox version 0.9.4 available for download

21 March 2003

New in this release is an extended node manipulation API and Database extensions.

Relational Database Integration

18 March 2003

The new o:XML Database Extensions provide a powerful mapping tool for Relational Databases.

o:XML mailing list

12 March 2003

The o:XML project now has its own mailinglist!

ObjectBox 0.9.3 now available!

27 November 2002

This version implements the complete set of core o:XML language features.

ObjectBox 0.9.2 Released

10 September 2002

The new release includes Java extensions, Java Servlet support and many other improvements.